setlist Data Type

Setlists, that's what it's all about. So if you're trying to use this API without knowing what a setlist is then you're kinda wrong on this page ;-). A setlist can be distinguished from other setlists by its unique id. But as works the wiki way, there can be different versions of one setlist (each time a user updates a setlist a new version gets created). These different versions have a unique id on its own. So setlists can have the same id although they differ as far as the content is concerned - thus the best way to check if two setlists are the same is to compare their versionIds.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs constraints wrapped by description
lastUpdated string attribute 1/1     date, time and time zone of the last update to this setlist in the format "yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSSZZZZZ"
versionId string attribute 1/1     unique identifier of the version
lastFmEventId int attribute 0/1     the id this event has on (deprecated)
id string attribute 1/1     unique identifier
eventDate string attribute 1/1     date of the concert in the format "dd-MM-yyyy"
artist artist element 1/1 required   the setlist's artist
venue venue element 1/1 required   the setlist's venue
tour tour element 0/1     the setlist's tour
set set element 0/unbounded   sets all sets of this setlist
info string element 0/1     additional information on the concert - see the guidelines for a complete list of allowed content.
url string element 1/1 required   the attribution url to which you have to link to wherever you use data from this setlist in your application


<setlist eventDate="23-08-1964" id="63de4613" lastUpdated="2013-10-20T05:18:08.000+0000" versionId="7be1aaa0">
  <artist disambiguation="John, Paul, George and Ringo" mbid="b10bbbfc-cf9e-42e0-be17-e2c3e1d2600d" name="The Beatles" sortName="Beatles, The" tmid="735610">
  <venue id="6bd6ca6e" name="Compaq Center">
    <city id="5357527" name="Hollywood" state="California" stateCode="CA">
  <tour name="North American Tour 1964"/>
    <set encore="..." name="...">
      <song name="Yesterday" tape="false">
  <info>Recorded and published as 'The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl'</info>