venue Data Type

Venues are places where concerts take place. They usually consist of a venue name and a city - but there are also some venues that do not have a city attached yet. In such a case, the city simply isn't set and the city and country may (but do not have to) be in the name.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
name string attribute 0/1 the name of the venue, usually without city and country. E.g. "Madison Square Garden" or "Royal Albert Hall"
id string attribute 1/1 unique identifier
city city element 0/1 the city in which the venue is located
url string element 0/1 the attribution url


<venue id="6bd6ca6e" name="Compaq Center">
  <city id="5357527" name="Hollywood" state="California" stateCode="CA">
    <coords lat="34.0983425" long="-118.3267434"/>
    <country code="US" name="United States"/>