city Data Type

This class represents a city where Venues are located. Most of the original city data was taken from

name data type type namespace min/max occurs constraints description
id string attribute 1/1   unique identifier
name string attribute 1/1   the city's name, depending on the language valid values are e.g. "Müchen" or Munich
state string attribute 0/1   The name of city's state, e.g. "Bavaria" or "Florida"
stateCode string attribute 0/1   The code of the city's state. For most countries this is a two-digit numeric code, with which the state can be identified uniquely in the specific Country. The code can also be a String for other cities. Valid examples are "CA" or "02" which in turn get uniquely identifiable when combined with the state's country: "US.CA" for California, United States or "DE.02" for Bavaria, Germany For a complete list of available states (that aren't necessarily used in this database) is available in a textfile on Note that this code is only unique combined with the city's Country. The code alone is not unique.
coords coords element 0/1   The city's coordinates. Usually the coordinates of the city centre are used.
country country element 1/1 required The city's country.


<city id="5357527" name="Hollywood" state="California" stateCode="CA">
  <coords lat="34.0983425" long="-118.3267434"/>
  <country code="US" name="United States"/>