artist Data Type

This class represents an artist. An artist is a musician or a group of musicians. Each artist has a definite Musicbrainz Identifier (MBID) with which the artist can be uniquely identified.

name data type type namespace min/max occurs constraints description
tmid int attribute 0/1   unique Ticket Master Identifier (TMID), e.g. 735610
mbid string attribute 1/1   unique Musicbrainz Identifier (MBID), e.g. "b10bbbfc-cf9e-42e0-be17-e2c3e1d2600d"
sortName string attribute 1/1   the artist's sort name, e.g. "Beatles, The" or "Springsteen, Bruce"
name string attribute 1/1   the artist's name, e.g. "The Beatles"
disambiguation string attribute 0/1   disambiguation to distinguish between artists with same names
url string element 1/1 required the attribution url


<artist disambiguation="John, Paul, George and Ringo" mbid="b10bbbfc-cf9e-42e0-be17-e2c3e1d2600d" name="The Beatles" sortName="Beatles, The" tmid="735610">