venue Data Type

Venues are places where concerts take place. They usually consist of a venue name and a city - but there are also some venues that do not have a city attached yet. In such a case, the city simply isn't set and the city and country may (but do not have to) be in the name.

name data type description
city city the city in which the venue is located
url string the attribution url
id string unique identifier
name string the name of the venue, usually without city and country. E.g. "Madison Square Garden" or "Royal Albert Hall"


  "city" : {
    "id" : "5357527",
    "name" : "Hollywood",
    "stateCode" : "CA",
    "state" : "California",
    "coords" : {
      "long" : -118.3267434,
      "lat" : 34.0983425
    "country" : {
      "code" : "US",
      "name" : "United States"
  "url" : "",
  "id" : "6bd6ca6e",
  "name" : "Compaq Center"