type description
artist This class represents an artist. An artist is a musician or a group of musicians. Each artist has a definite Musicbrainz Identifier (MBID) with which the artist can be uniquely identified.
artists A Result consisting of a list of artists.
cities A Result consisting of a list of cities.
city This class represents a city where Venues are located. Most of the original city data was taken from Geonames.org.
coords Coordinates of a point on the globe. Mostly used for Cities.
countries A Result consisting of a list of countries.
country This class represents a country on earth.
error Returned in case of an error.
set A setlist consists of different (at least one) sets. Sets can either be sets as defined in the Guidelines or encores.
setlist Setlists, that's what it's all about. So if you're trying to use this API without knowing what a setlist is then you're kinda wrong on this page ;-). A setlist can be distinguished from other setlists by its unique id. But as setlist.fm works the wiki way, there can be different versions of one setlist (each time a user updates a setlist a new version gets created). These different versions have a unique id on its own. So setlists can have the same id although they differ as far as the content is concerned - thus the best way to check if two setlists are the same is to compare their versionIds.
setlists A Result consisting of a list of setlists.
song This class represents a song that is part of a Set.
tour The tour a setlist was a part of.
user This class represents a user.
venue Venues are places where concerts take place. They usually consist of a venue name and a city - but there are also some venues that do not have a city attached yet. In such a case, the city simply isn't set and the city and country may (but do not have to) be in the name.
venues A Result consisting of a list of venues.