city Data Type

This class represents a city where Venues are located. Most of the original city data was taken from

name data type description
id string unique identifier
name string the city's name, depending on the language valid values are e.g. "Müchen" or Munich
stateCode string The code of the city's state. For most countries this is a two-digit numeric code, with which the state can be identified uniquely in the specific Country. The code can also be a String for other cities. Valid examples are "CA" or "02" which in turn get uniquely identifiable when combined with the state's country: "US.CA" for California, United States or "DE.02" for Bavaria, Germany For a complete list of available states (that aren't necessarily used in this database) is available in a textfile on Note that this code is only unique combined with the city's Country. The code alone is not unique.
state string The name of city's state, e.g. "Bavaria" or "Florida"
coords coords The city's coordinates. Usually the coordinates of the city centre are used.
country country The city's country.


  "id" : "5357527",
  "name" : "Hollywood",
  "stateCode" : "CA",
  "state" : "California",
  "coords" : {
    "long" : -118.3267434,
    "lat" : 34.0983425
  "country" : {
    "code" : "US",
    "name" : "United States"