artist Data Type

This class represents an artist. An artist is a musician or a group of musicians. Each artist has a definite Musicbrainz Identifier (MBID) with which the artist can be uniquely identified.

name data type description
mbid string unique Musicbrainz Identifier (MBID), e.g. "b10bbbfc-cf9e-42e0-be17-e2c3e1d2600d"
tmid number unique Ticket Master Identifier (TMID), e.g. 735610
name string the artist's name, e.g. "The Beatles"
sortName string the artist's sort name, e.g. "Beatles, The" or "Springsteen, Bruce"
disambiguation string disambiguation to distinguish between artists with same names
url string the attribution url


  "mbid" : "b10bbbfc-cf9e-42e0-be17-e2c3e1d2600d",
  "tmid" : 735610,
  "name" : "The Beatles",
  "sortName" : "Beatles, The",
  "disambiguation" : "John, Paul, George and Ringo",
  "url" : ""