result Data Type

If a request returns a list of items they're always wrapped into a Result. As there is a maximum amount of items to be returned at once a Result consists of the total amount of items (total), how many items per page you get (itemsPerPage), the current page (page) and the current list of items.

E.g. if there are 35 items, itemsPerPage is 10 and the current page is 2, then items 11 to 20 are in the list.

Abstract Type
name data type type namespace min/max occurs description
itemsPerPage int attribute 1/1 the amount of items you get per page
page int attribute 1/1 the current page. starts at 1
total int attribute 1/1 the total amount of items matching the query


This data type is abstract. The example below may be incomplete. More accurate examples can be found in subtypes pages.
<r----- itemsPerPage="20" page="1" total="42"/>