The following operations are supported on this resource:


Search for setlists.


name description type default
artistMbid the artist's Musicbrainz Identifier (mbid) query
artistTmid the artist's Ticketmaster Identifier (tmid) query
artistName the artist's name query
tour the tour name query
date the date of the event (format dd-MM-yyyy) query
year the year of the event query
lastFm the event's Event ID query
lastUpdated the date and time (UTC) when this setlist was last updated (format yyyyMMddHHmmss) - either edited or reverted. search will return setlists that were updated on or after this date query
venueId the venue id query
venueName the name of the venue query
cityId the city's geoId query
cityName the name of the city query
stateCode the state code query
state the state query
countryCode the country code query
p the number of the result page query 1
l desired result language of city and country (experimental feature) query en

Output Payload

element produceable content type(s)
setlists (XML)
  • application/xml (*.xml)
  • application/json (*.json)
a list of matching setlists